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Updated: May 12, 2020

Update May 12th - We're back! Greenroom136 workshop started Day 1 of operation reboot today with great success. New SOP is in placed to ensure the team is working in a safe environment. Working hours will extend extra 2 hours each day and we will also operate on Saturday to have production catch up with lost time. Most pending orders will start shipping tomorrow onwards. All new custom orders will be on 3 week production lead time as usual. Malaysia is still on CONDITIONAL MOVEMENT CONTROL, so please take extra care on your daily runabout.

Greenroom136 Retail Hub Store at Pop by Jaya One is open for business starting May 13th, 2020.

Update May 10th - Malaysia to extend CONDITIONAL MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER to June 9th, 2020. Our operational status to be updated soon.

Update May 4th We are in preparation to return back to work on May 12th, 2020.

Update April 23rd

Malaysia just announced RESTRICTED MOVEMENT ORDER to be extended again till May 12th to further contain Covid 19 infection.

Update April 10th

Malaysia just announced RESTRICTED MOVEMENT ORDER to be extended till April 28th to further contain Covid 19 infection. More updates on when we will get to re open workshop for business towards later April. Until then, stay safe and stay home folks!

Announced officially on March 16th, Malaysia is on partial lock down from 18 March - 14 April (updated from earlier date of April 1st) in attempt to curb and flatten the curve of our country's Covid-19 infection. Our workshop will continue build till March 17th and will attempt to ship out all completed work immediately. After March 18th, all production work will close till April 14th, 2020.

Online store, order processing and pre production work will still continue as Pat will still be at the workshop. To contact him, it's phone, whatsapp and email only. Workshop will not be open for walk in visitation. For new orders received during this period, delivery will still be immediate if we have existing stocks; for orders without existing stocks and custom builds, we will process order until pre production phase. Final production will only happen when we return to work after RMO has been lifted.

To all our family and friends, please don't panic, be safe and take extra precautions during this few weeks. See you all in April.

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