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What's our Concretejungle?

GREENROOM136 is a Malaysian independent bag company specialising in the design and manufacturing of various urban carry gear.


" I wanted to start a business that will allow me the opportunity to create great products and not just to sell great products. A friend introduced me to the world of bags and having spent a year in researching the potentials, I was intrigued by the prospect. I later spent another year learning about the principles of bag designs, how to use a sewing machine and started making simple creations just for fun."


- Patrick Lim

"Having encountered failures and some sweet success in many early prototype designs, I chanced on one that would be the basis for our very first messenger laptop bag; better known today as the JunkMonkey. I was hooked."

"Unable to find anyone to mass manufacture the initial production run, I took it on my own to build a small batch of JunkMonkey Heretic, Junkmonkey Noobie and Random Knick Knacks. After months of late nights slaving over the old trusty sewing machine, I finally have my first batch of bags to test market. And I was on my way..."


Year One

Newly incorporated, GREENROOM136 started operations with major focus on quality and products that will enhance the daily lives of our customers. Junkmonkey was our first offering.


Bootstrap was introduced as the first customisable urban bag.


ConcreteJungle podcast was introduced to create Greenroom136 with a brand culture that inspires hope.


Year Two

Greenroom136 workshop opened it’s doors and the journey began anew.


W?ldcard Custom Build store was introduced and the very first backpack joined our product line; Genesis.


Year Three

Retail store #1 opened at Petaling Jaya as a pop up store within Pop by Jaya One.


Scribblebook and Pocketbook was introduced


Year Four

Rainmaker joined the line up. 

First recorded sales of bags to international customers contributing to 80% of company revenue.


We approach every design utilising the best available material to ensure our products are of high quality and will last a lifetime of use. Carefully marrying form and function to crafting meaningful products that will assimilate to your daily livelihood.


Our love for bags is not skin deep. We are infatuated by the many intriguing stories of conquests, adventures, dreams and the many entrepreneurial feats of the people that carry our products. These are stories that inspire us to create. And we retell these stories in hope that they will inspire YOU.


All our products are designed by us and manufactured in our micro-workshop. Keeping our work local does bring about a whole lot of benefits but importantly, it foster hope in our community for a brighter economic future.

How do we keep it real?

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