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  • Why design and hand make in Malaysia?
    We do our best to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. Joining the many in the journey to bring a new era of “Made proudly in Malaysia”; all Greenroom products are designed and hand made in Selangor, Malaysia. Despite the many challenges of making things locally, we feel strongly that our actions will bring the following benefits to the Malaysian economy; provided our actions inspire more Malaysian makers to make things locally too. Give equal opportunity to local workmanship by keeping work from leaving Malaysian shores. Every Ringgit invested to make our products in Malaysia, keeps those Ringgits circulating within our economy. Give equal opportunity to local service/product providers to innovate their offerings in response to solving local industry problems. Encourage more Malaysian makers to consider making things locally causing a ripple effect to abetter financial economy. Does it mean Greenroom136 will never farm out manufacturing to other countries? No. There are benefits to outbound manufacturing; namely technological expertise; lower costs resulting with lower price products to end users; quicker mass production turn around time; and many more. But at the moment, we believe strongly that our country’s well being is more critical. Because we build all our bags to last, we stand by our promise to warranty for life. If you are a maker… consider joining this revolution.
  • What is Cordura and how do I care for this fabric?
    Picking the right fabric is just as important as picking out the right bag. You want to get the fabric that will give you the best feel to touch. One that pleases you visually. Depending on your daily routine, you want a fabric that will perform to the challenges. If you travel by motorcycle or bicycle, you want a fabric that is durable and performs the best in various weather conditions. Would you prefer a lighter material or would you sacrifice for an aesthetically appealing fabric that is heavier? All that we will explore as we scope down on the one of two fabric available at Greenroom136. Cordura Originally developed by DuPont in 1929 and is today a property of Invista; Cordura is a brand best known for fabric commonly used for consumer carry products, industrial and military performance apparel. It was a fabric designed to supersede poorer performing fabric such as cotton canvas. These fabrics are usually made of nylon but it’s been known that some do get blended with cotton and other natural fibres depending on the application. For more information about Cordura; visit their corporate website at or read it up on Wikipedia at Features Specially designed to be tear resistant, light weight, highly durable, abrasive resistant and have better colour retention from fading. Touch With a high 1000 denier, these fabric will give a feel of confidence for longer lasting durability. Synthetic feel, soft and warm to touch. Rough surface; might cause scuffing on clothing. Looks Strong and in many bright, striking colours. Colours are harder to fade under typical circumstances. Every fold on the fabric will look natural with rare occasion of sagging; this is the result of the fabric’s rigidness. This rigidness also maintains the shape of the pack. Weathering Colours won’t run when in contact with water. Because colours on Cordura are harder to fade, the colour on your pack will last longer and rarely will you experience the fabric patina with age. When fabric is new, you will experience water forming into droplets when in contact; this is the result of a weather proofing treatment on it’s surface. This treatment does tend to loose it’s effects after a long term use. To restore, some recommend a water repellent restoration spray such as Water proofing is by the help of a double layer polyurethane coating on the fabric’s underside. This treatment fills and clogs up fabric pores that would otherwise allow water particles to pass through of its surface and into the bag. Scuffing Surface of Cordura will not scuff due to abrasion. Sometimes a little scuffing might appear at sharp corners, commonly at corners found at the bottom of the bag; but we’ve not experienced much tearing in result of this. Weather resistant Water tend to penetrate through fabric via small micro pores found on the surface. All our Cordura supply are coated with layers of polyurethane which will fill and cover over these micro pores making it near impossible for water particles to pass through. But these coating will wear out after long extensive use. Sometimes we’ve seen polyurethane breaking up resulting in powdering or peeling; but since all Greenroom136 products are made with double ply of fabric, chances of seeing this occurring is minimal. Shearing We did a little shear test with our 1000 denier Cordura, we managed to puncture the fabric with 15 kilogram of force. Watch the video from our stress test FAQ for more details. Care instructions Clean your Cordura pack using a clean damp cloth. For dirt stains, some fans had reported using spray cleaners to varying success. Never machine wash as it will likely damage the integrity of the fabric which will affect it’s durability and ability to repel water. If you have a really filthy, dirt ridden pack, we recommend hosing it down with water. Sometimes a little soap and soft brush will go a long way. Never brush with stiff bristles. Never send your bag for dry cleaning. Avoid direct sunlight when drying. Who is this for? Active travellers, students, public transporters, bikers, heavy load users, and anyone needing a pack that is low maintenance but highly durable.
  • What is Martexin Original Wax's 10.10oz Army Duck and how do I care for this fabric?
    Picking the right fabric is just as important as picking out the right bag. You want to get the fabric that will give you the best feel to touch. One that pleases you visually. Depending on your daily routine, you want a fabric that will perform to the challenges. If you travel by motorcycle or bicycle, you want a fabric that is durable and performs the best in various weather conditions. Would you prefer a lighter material or would you sacrifice for an aesthetically appealing fabric that is heavier? All that we will explore as we scope down on the one of two fabric available at Greenroom136. 10.10oz Army duck A 100% cotton based “Plain Weave” canvas fabric impregnated with Martexin® Original wax proprietary mixture. An American company with many years of experience in the field of wax coated fabric dating back to 1838. During the days of the frontier, farmers and cowboys would coat their canvas bags and tents with wax to make them weather and wind resistant. Eventually, industrialisation took over by incorporating liquid wax to treat canvas fabrics. Feature The fabric is expected to have a lifelong resistance to inclement weather, while cotton fibers allow it to breathe. Touch Cool and soft to the touch like a good pair of jeans with a natural cotton appearance. Wax coating makes the fabric rigid and weather repellant. If you get a chance, try the hug test. Wax canvas is a heavier grade of fabric. Looks As it age, it will develop a well-worn and comfortable patina, enhancing the look of your Greenroom bag. The patina develops with long term use, and is in the same manner that leather ages and burnishes with time. This fabric is classy and will definitely stand out in a crowd. Weathering Although the wax coating will repel off all sorts of weather; nevertheless the wax coating will wear out and making the bag vulnerable to weather conditions. Because all our products are made with two layers of fabric (one of outer and inner shell), if bad weather does go pass the outer shell, it’ll be unlikely that it’ll pass beyond another tough water repellant and tear resistant fabric; Oxford nylon. Some bags might even come with a third layer made of tarpaulin. After en extensive period of use, the colour will fade slowly. Scuffing This fabric is high maintenance but makes up for it with it’s classy and vintage looks; one does tend to get carried away by it’s sheer beauty. Scuffing and tearing will happen if the bag is not well taken care; i.e. dragging on the floor, storing it near corrosive chemicals and etc. Like all cotton fabric, it is only natural for it to thin out at places frequently subjected to abrasion and tension. Because it is a soft fabric, the carrier will not encounter scuffing to their clothes. Weather resistance Good but this is not the fabric you want if you’re in the market for a tough and durable pack. Shearing Softer fabric will puncture when encountering contents with sharp corners. Fabric will thin out from constant abrasion. Colour Available in limited colour options; mostly dull and darker than those found with Cordura. Will fade and discolour with use. This is one of wax canvas’ key selling point; the longer you use the pack, the discolouration and fade adds to the pack’s vintage aesthetics. Care instructions The wax coating on this fabric will wear off in time. Retouch your pack using heavy duty fabric wax compound such as the type made by Otter Wax; Stains can sometimes be removed using a damp wet cloth. We recommend hosing down your army duck pack with water during those really filthy days. Soap will help but try to avoid using a brush. Never machine wash or dry clean. Avoid direct sunlight when drying. Who is this for? 10.10oz Army Duck fabric is a clear winner for those looking for a vintage looking pack; one that will stand out from the rest. Due to the delicate characteristics of the fabric, it is recommended for less active individuals or to those that would manage their pack with great care. To conclude… So in perspective, One would pick Army duck because it’s an amazing fabric to make a bag with. It’ll be the next best favourite outfit apart from your jeans. The other deciding factor would be price; Cordura tend to be cheaper while wax canvas will cost and weight more because of the trouble needed to make this amazing fabric.
  • How do we test our materials for durability?
    Every Greenroom bag is built with passion. Using the best-est and most awesome-est industrial grade materials, we stand by our commitment to quality. Don’t just take our word, watch our tests and judge for yourself. Fabric test – We put up a pair of shears to our Cordura and Oxford nylon fabric to see how far we can push it before it punctures. This test was done in comparison with a set of similar but inferior grade fabric for a greater effect. Stress test - A series of test were conducted on Year One to figure out how much was needed to pulverise one of our creation.
  • Lifetime warranty and how it works?
    At Greenroom136, we offer lifetime warranty for almost all our products on defect and workmanship. As long as we are in business, we will happily repair our products; free or with a fee is dependant on the circumstance. Following are details on how one can go about claiming for assistance. Lifetime warranty does not cover wear and tear from normal daily use or intentional abuse. Lifetime warranty covers shortcomings derived from poor workmanship. We may repair any parts covered under our warranty policy. Most repairs are done free of charge. Repairs requiring replacement of parts will incur some charge which we will notify you before repair work commences. You may also refer to our official 136 Repair Shop for repair availabilty and costing. Repair work with part replacements will only commence when it’s agreed upon with the owner and payment for parts are received in full. In order to submit a warranty return, please email or message/Whatsapp us at +60127231361 with a photo of your damaged Greenroom136 product. Bring your damaged bag to our workshop (address below) or to the reseller that had sold you the product. Repaired bags can be collected from our workshop, the respective reseller store or by courier service with delivery expenses to be borne by the owner; or you may also include a prepaid, self address courier envelope so that we can have your item shipped to you as soon as repair is complete. If you’re within Malaysia, but not within travel distance to our workshop or reseller, you may send your bag to this address. Please include a prepaid, self address courier envelope so that we can have your item shipped to you as soon as repair is complete. Prepaid courier services can be obtained via Poslaju and Pos Malaysia Flexipak. Greenroom136 50B, Jalan Besar, Pusat Bandar Kajang, 43000 Selangor, Attention – Gordon Greenroom (+60127231361) For international users, please contact us with details of the warranty issue together with photos and we will explore options with you. Otherwise, you may also send your bag to the address above. Shipping charges for returning your item to your address will apply.
  • How do I buy and pay for my order in the online store?
    Here's a quick video on what happens when you make an order here at Greenroom136.
  • Worldwide Delivery Program
    Our brand new delivery program is based on a tiered flat rate scale. We ship to anywhere in the world by our trusted providers DHL ECommerce,DHL Express and Pos Malaysia. For more details; refer to
  • How soon can I get my stuff if I buy online?
    For ready made items, we can arrange for delivery as soon as payment for the order is complete. We strive to complete all order processing within 3 days. Sometimes a standard stock item may run out of stock. We will then place your item on priority production and build it fresh. This may take up to less than a week, depending on the item’s complexity. For custom build bags, we will need less than 2 weeks to build as soon as payment for the order and custom specification discussion is complete. Malaysian address by DHL eCommerce When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notice, by which it would take another day or two to arrive at your doorstep within the Klang Valley. Delivery time varies when destination is outside of Selangor, Malaysia. International by Air Parcel Estimated time needed for international delivery by EMS Air Parcel is 20 days. This estimate is provided by the postal office and courier company, in our experience most packages will reach its destination/city before the stipulated time. Sometimes, a package may experience delay should the package be held back by the country’s custom department. At this juncture, the provided estimated delivery time will no longer apply. Delivery will continue as soon as all outstanding issues are settled by the recipient with their respective country’s custom department. International by DHL Express International delivery by DHL Express is estimated at less than 3 days. Custom clearance will apply. Delivery Status Check Please proceed to these following platforms with your tracking number; DHL eCommerce – or call 1800 220 027 ​International DHL Express - ​ or call 1800 888 388 International Air Parcel – or call +60327279100​ All custom tax, duties, GST, VST, VAT and etc deriving from any sale shall be borne by the customer.
  • Do you deliver to my country?
    We deliver to just about anywhere in the world. But sometimes, certain countries are not listed with a delivery option on our website. If your country is NOT listed with a delivery option, let us know by any method listed below and we will activate your country immediately. 1. Email us at 2. WhatsApp us at +60127231361 3. Message us on 4. Twit us on Sometimes, we may not be able to deliver to certain countries just because. We will let you know why. Following are some known exceptions; Israel - A sticky topic best googled "Malaysia Israel trade relations" Russia - We understand that Russian regulation require shipping address to be of corporate in nature. Residential shipping addresses are prohibited. Atlantis and rest of the world - Destinations that are out of our courier provider's regular range may incur additional charges to complete. We will notify when such circumstance arise.
  • How do we define stock availability?
    Unlike most common dealers and traders, we define stock availability very differently. Since we make all our products at our micro workshop, stock availability for all our items are based on the availability of materials needed to make the product of your choice. Meaning if we have red cordura, you will notice that all red coloured products will be listed as available stock despite the fact that some items may actually be sold out. Following is a glossary to explain the various status; Infinite – means we have enough fabric and materials to build this product. We may not have actual “ready to deliver stock” but we can custom build the needed item immediately. Available by a certain quantity – means we have only enough resource to build a few units. We may not have actual “ready to deliver stock” but we can custom build the needed item immediately up to the quantity stipulated. No stock – means we have no more stock of the materials needed to make the item. Contact us for more details about next availability. SOLD OUT - means we are completely out of materials to make this product. Reach us to find out more about this "sold out" item.
  • Can Greenroom136 bags carry camera gears?
    The +KitPouch is a carry/storage solution that turns all your Greenroom136 bag into a camera friendly bag. These are EVA padded with corduroy lining and features a zip cover with side grab handles for easy installation/storage of your gears Get yours here or spec one into your W?ldcard build. Khairil M Bahar is an accomplished writer, musician, actor and film maker. After winning a short film competition, it gave him the wings to soar into the Malaysian film industry and offer up his very first motion picture film; Ciplak. The success from Ciplak soon presented him with more projects and eventually the release of more movies from Relationship Status to the current, Cuak. On this installment of “What’s your Concretejungle?”, Khai share with us his love for photography and the gears he carry. Featuring our very own +KitPouch camera storage solution.
  • Why is my bag different from the photo on the website?
    All Greenroom136 products are made fresh from our micro workshop. Therefore, we are constantly improving our products depending on experience and user feedback. Some minor improvements are made with no change to price while some major improvements may result in product offering revamps. Such major revamps will affect retail selling price. Some changes may affect hardware components such as buckles, zips, belts and etc. This is normally due to availability of stocks of said components from our supplier. Sometimes it could be because we managed to source for better quality parts. To conclude, we are pretty picky with quality and feature. We are constantly sourcing and finding ways to improve our goods. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an email and we will be more than happy to explain why we did what we did.
  • Why are Greenroom136 bags heavier than others?
    Bags are extremely personal to every individual. Consciously, it’s a carrier for the things you need everyday. Sub consciously, it’s akin to an assistant or companion. To many, their bag carries their hope for a better tomorrow; a coder carries a laptop which is the tool to programming the future; a filmmaker carries a camera and a computer which are tools required to create/tell their next story; an entrepreneur carries a computer and product concepts which are tools needed to create their business empire. There is without a doubt, an emotional connection between a carrier and his/her bag. We define a good bag as not by it’s price but by the materials used and how we apply these materials. We want our customers to have a good relationship with our bags by making sure that our bags achieve these following guidelines; Must give good hugs. We hate bags with thin fabric and fails to give a good hearty hug. As you hug a Greenroom136, we assure you of a plush experience. Quality by touch. As you touch and hold a Greenroom136, you will instantly recognize that our bags are built strong and with substance. Good weather proofing. Too many bags are made with weather proofing as an after thought feature. You may buy a light weight bag for it’s obvious reasons; but the fact that your bag will soak up when it rains can be disturbing. All our fabric are coated with polyurethane for good weather proofing and in fact, some may have additional weather proofing properties. Must look good. Most competitive brands use single layer shells to make cheaper and lighter bags. We really hate that concept. We feel strongly that all stitchings and the ugly inner works of a bag should be concealed a much as possible. Hence all our bags features a layer of high density (420denier) oxford nylon fabric for the inside; this not only provides strength and durability from scuffing and puncture but also it’s more pleasing to the eye as you won’t see the stitchings as you rummage through. Must not fail. We make sure that the bags we produce will not fail as you are out and about. Lighter and cheaper fabric, zips and buckles will never allow such luxurious peace of mind. We don’t mind potential customers complaining about heavier bags as we know that our customers will always be happy with the quality of our work. We may not have the lightest bag in town but we are damn sure you’ll be investing in a well made bag that will last a life time. Actually, we are not any heavier than most established independent brands. Following is a comparison chart between a typical Greenroom136 bag with both commercial (typical brand you find in general shops) and independent (speciality brands that design/make bags defined by their own rules; GREENROOM136 is an independent brand) brand X. This chart is based on our in house competitive comparison analysis on 10 various brands.
  • How to return your Greenroom136?
    Before we begin, please understand that being a small company trying to survive hand to mouth, we are not in favor of a return/refund policy because at the end, everyone loses money in the process. Here is why; 1. Worldwide courier service is very expensive. There is no other alternative that is cheaper than what is offered by a branded commercial courier company or standard international air mail. 2. To complete a sale, the item(s) would have to be shipped to the buyer's pre defined address and since we sell to almost anyone all over the world, there is a cost of shipping that would be incurred even if the sale ended up as a return/refund case. Our courier service provider having completed their service, will still require us to pay for the delivery. Being a small company, that financial lost is a big risk. 3. To complete a refund, the buyer will have to return the item(s) to our workshop on their own expense. Since it is already established that worldwide courier service is expensive, sometimes the cost to ship the item back will not make financial sense despite getting a full refund in return. Personally, we feel that it is more beneficial to resell the item on secondary markets such as Ebay, Carousell or Facebook groups at full price or higher. In the event you wish to return your Greenroom136 product, here are the instructions and terms you will need to be aware of. First contact – Email us with photos of your item and let us know why you wish to return the product. As part of our ritual, we will attempt to work out the problem with you and provide options. Returning items need to be in it’s original packaging, and ensure that the merchandise is in the same resale condition as when you first received it. Return request must be made within 7 days from date of delivery. We will confirm agreement by email. Missing items – If you feel that something’s missing from the package you received from Greenroom136, let us know by email or messenger. Please include photo of the delivery packaging for proper investigation. If we have sincerely made a mistake, we will send you a replacement immediately. If we notice some discrepancies from the case, we will open an investigation report with the courier company. We will do this if we suspect the package to be broken into during transit or pilfered. The courier company will take over the investigation to establish how and what had happened to your package. Do note that mail tempering is a criminal offense and therefore every courier company will take such investigations with utmost care and transparency. We heed your understanding and patience during the investigation process. The courier company’s investigation team may choose to call you for further details about the case, please share freely and be as cooperative as possible. Your kind assistance will help speed up the process. Upon deriving on a final outcome, we will provide further details on follow up. Compensation in the form of a replacement product will only be awarded if investigation is proven positive for pilferage or negligence during transit. All request for monetary compensation will not be entertained. Standard build bags – All cost of return shipment to Greenroom136 is to be borne by the buyer. You may exchange your return item with another item of the same value. No difference will be refunded for exchange value that is cheaper than the value of the credit. Shipping cost for the new item is chargeable to the buyer. We will quote and arrange worldwide delivery using our existing options. Buyer will be charged for the difference if the exchange item is valued more than the provided credit. W?ldcard custom build bags – Custom build bags cannot be returned or exchanged. Since custom bags are built based on the buyer’s specifications, we recognise that the bag is unique and thus has no resale value. Preparing the return (International) – Ensure your return item to be packed in brown paper (or proper wrapping paper) and wrapped with a plastic wrapper to ensure a safe journey. Share with us a photo of the item and packaging before sending it to the post office if unsure, that way to avoid misunderstanding. Since this is not a commercial trade, please ensure the item is declared as a gift at a value of USD$10. If the item is not custom declared properly, the package will incur import tax and duty imposed by Malaysian Customs Department at a percent of the declared value. On such circumstance, we reserve the right to reject or accept the package. All import tax incurred will be deducted from refund amount. If the product is damaged, we reserve the right to deduct 30% off refund amount as repair fee. Upon receiving the returned item in proper condition, we will reverse the charge of the product (in part or full; refer to above) via Paypal, Stripe or by bank transfer to a Malaysian bank account. Please refer to Paypal and for details on how to withdraw your funds. Transaction fees may apply; check Paypal and for their charges if any. Greenroom136 is not liable for transaction fees and charges. Have it delivered to; Greenroom136 50B, Jalan Besar, Pusat Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Preparing the return (Malaysian) – You can return the item to our Hub Store at Pop by Jaya One. Have the item in full, packed in a plastic bag and return it to the cashier; inform the person in charge that it is a return item. Include your name and contact together with your package so that we know who it is from. Once we receive the item, we will start the refund process. Pop by Jaya One is only responsible for collection of return item; not responsible for refund. Pop by Jaya One 100-G.041 Block J, The School, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 03-7957 4933 You can also opt to deliver the item back to our workshop. Ensure your return item to be packed in brown paper (or proper wrapping paper) and wrapped with a plastic wrapper to ensure a safe journey. Share with us a photo of the item and packaging before sending it to the post office if unsure, that way to avoid misunderstanding. If the product is damaged, we reserve the right to deduct 30% off refund amount as repair fee. Upon receiving the returned item in proper condition, we will reverse the charge of the product (in part or full; refer to above) via Paypal, or by bank transfer to a Malaysian bank account. Have it delivered to; Greenroom136 50B, Jalan Besar, Pusat Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Refund terms and conditions - Once we have received the item, we will check for damages. If no damages are found, we will proceed with the refund process. Refund amount is less shipping charge of the original delivery. Only the value of the product will be refunded. Shipping charge will not be refunded since the service of first delivering the order to buyer's address was already rendered successfully by our courier service provider and billed. For orders with FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY, delivery charge will be calculated at the value of RM250. If the item is damaged, we will investigate with reference back to photos prior to the return. If applicable due to damages, there will be an additional repair fee. Repair fee (if applicable) – 30% of product value. Greenroom136 reserves the right to make change to our terms and conditions as deem fit without prior notice.
  • Can I get Greenroom136 to custom manufacture my own brand of bags?
    Greenroom136 is an independent micro workshop designed to manufacture the supply of our own line of products. Due to that objective, our facilities are not designed to mass manufacture on OEM basis. Why not? To develop a product require time to prototype, redesign, fine tune, test and finally, mass manufacture. This is a vigorous process that requires a massive allocation of time, resource, heart ache and stress to complete. To make the process worthwhile, a large investment of manufacturing units would eventually be needed. Since we are already committed to the challenges of fulfilling supply of our line of products, we are unable to do more. W?ldcard Custom? W?ldcard custom are individual custom bags designed based on existing line of products. These are normally made one of a kind by colour, looks and features specified by the buyer on top of an existing Greenroom136 product. This is doable because the template or process for the larger aspect of the product is already existing. The Custom Bag Builder at the 136 Online Store serves as a basic sandbox to customising your bag, since we hold little limitations, any special request not listed on the builder will be discussed and cost quoted separately. What can Greenroom136 do for custom orders? On the other hand, we are able to mass manufacture our current set of products in volume and customised with your brand or company logo with utmost efficiency. Since all our products are real world and quality tested, you are assured of a viable product to accompany your brand or purpose of gifting. For corporate order or gifting purpose, please contact us by message/Whatsapp +60127231361 or email
  • What is Paypal money request?
    In the event of additional charges or payment is needed to proceed with an order, agreed payment can be made to our bank account (check your Greenroom136 order email for bank account number) by transfer if you wish to pay by cash or if you wish to pay by credit card, we will proceed to activate a payment request via Paypal. Paypal will send you an email for said request with agreed amount payable. Click the provided link to enter Paypal's website and complete the process using a valid Visa or Mastercard. Amex is not an accepted card for transactions by Paypal in Asia. Once payment is complete, we will be notified and your order will continue to the next course of action. If you have a Paypal account and wishes to transfer us your payment, you can do so by making it to our Paypal account ( If you are not a Malaysian Paypal account holder, you will not be able to make a Paypal credit transfers as that can only be done between Paypal users from the same country. Alternatively, you can make your transfer by using a Paypal recognised visa or mastercard credit card.
  • How do I make changes to my existing online order?
    If you wish to make any change to your existing order, please send us an email ( with your change with reference to your online order number. We will make the changes to your order form from our end. DO NOT place more than one order to our system to rectify any error from a previous order. Doing so will confuse us and the end result is never pleasant.
  • How long does it take to make a Greenroom136 bag?
    It is difficult to define and progress is highly affected by the complexity of the build and time availability of our workshop. On average we need about 3 weeks to complete a build but we've experienced in the past whereby sometimes it would take more than 4 weeks. We identify our production workflow as follow; Order confirmation - Discussion and design render confirmation. Pre production - Preparation of materials needed for the build. Production - Actual production of the project. Post production - Quality check, photography, packing and delivery consignment creation. Delivery - Package pickup and actual delivery by courier partner. The video below is a walkthrough of our workshop and the processes to building a bag. You may need to LIKE our Facebook page to view this video.
  • How congested in the workshop?
    All our products (custom build and retail/ready stocks) are made at our very own workshop situated in the heart of Kajang, Selangor; Malaysia. We have a small crew handling daily production work and at our size, we have limited bandwidth. Therefore, following is how we define workshop congestion. During normal standard for custom build estimated lead time is 3 weeks after confirmation of order processing. During peak period, we might need another week or two from standard time to complete the order. In the event of an unusual demand spike, we might report Workshop Status on both website and Facebook page to better communicate our ability to fulfill. STATUS RED - Over congested. There is a long queue at the workshop and we're taking more than 4 to 6 weeks to turn around an order. It is very likely that most ready made stocks are sold out and we're unable to build more because everyone is focused on clearing out active production orders. Mostly new orders for ready made stocks will be on "build to order" basis, together with custom builds. YELLOW - Congested. Production time is expected at about 2-4 weeks from order. We may still have some ready made stocks and even if we don't, we can still build them pretty quick. GREEN - Normal production lead time of 2 weeks. The workshop is facing a balanced production of custom build and retail stocks. Very likely, we will have ready made stocks of most products. BLUE - Lead time for production is less than 1 week. We're bored out of our minds because there's no orders to build and we're killing time swatting flies and watching YouTube on our phones. Let's pray we'll never have to reach this status. It is Pat's worst nightmare.
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