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Sabrehold walkthrough with Force Arts Stunt Team - FAST
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A single strap bag for carrying sabres. Available in three variants, we are certain you will find one that will suit your carry needs best.

Basic setup for the ultimate lightsaber storage and mobility.

SabreHold Tactical

Full storage expandability. Carry what you need, when you need it most.

SabreHold DX

Deluxe edition with a built in backpack.

Shoulder strap on the SabreHold measures to about 2.5″ width and is packed with plush EVA closed cell foam. It is easily interchangeable for right or left hand use and includes 3x SidePouch add-on loops for more storage expandability. Also features a 1″ Grab handle for the quick moments to escape.

For short trips to the training academy or gathering, SabreHold will carry three hilt+blade up to 43 inches in length. Or fold up the bottom of the SabreHold to carry two detached hilts and blade.

If you need storage expandability, the multiple storage attachment webbing on the SabreHold Tactical allows a slew of SidePouch add-on with many combo options to carry smartphones, coffee tumbler and even tablets. Built standard at the back, is a pocket with YKK brand zipper for keeping the most critical tools and parts within handy reach.

And if you need more storage space, SabreHold DX comes with a built in backpack. 7 cubic liter with two frontal zipper pockets and a many more custom options.

Be it steel or laser, SabreHold is a must have to store and carry your favorite giant sized steak knife to any occasion.

Key Features

  • 1000 denier Cordura nylon or polyester (SabreHold LT only) outer shell,

  • 420 denier Oxford nylon ripstop inner lining.

  • One main compartment.

  • Two saber hilt pockets inside.

  • When shorten, will carry a saber/blade up to 83cm (33″). When extended, will carry saber with attached blade, up to 110cm (43″).

  • One zipper utility pocket at back for tools and batteries.

  • Grab handle for easy grab-and-go.

  • 2″ industrial grade safety belt harness with durable YKK adjuster buckle and plush EVA close cell foam padding.

  • Harness interchangeable for right or left hand use.


One size fits all



Free throughout Malaysia, and Singapore

Charges for international delivery applies.

Free Worldwide delivery for orders as low as RM600

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