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Malaysia on LOCKDOWN #3

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

13/9/2021 - WORKSHOP IS NOW OPEN and we are busy recalibrating to start building 4 months worth of backlogs; yes, it's crazy and we're trying to keep a positive composure. We will need time to build but we are very happy to say that bags will start shipping this week (Monday and Tuesdays only) as soon as they are complete. We hope no one will be unhappy as we impose a NO CANCELLATION, NO REFUND policy for the moment; simple as it may seem, this can put our company in great jeopardy as we attempt to regain some sense of stability. We're imposing extreme SOP to keep everyone safe; with weekly self administered covid testing, working hour lockdown and strictly no visitation/self pickup. We cannot afford to get anyone sick or the need to close shop for any reasons whatsoever.

Malaysia's condition is not great and almost all businesses are slowly reopening. The country is expecting to go into ENDEMIC phase by end Oct and all focus is now on regaining control on country economy albeit daily infection is still hovering at 20k and daily death is about 300 (yesterday no report, 11/8/21 was 592, our highest to date). We started lockdown in June at about 6k and less than 20 deaths. It's definitely an endemic playbook for sure, let that sink in a little. Although most adults in major districts are fully inoculated, we are going back into the world in the worst case scenario. Rationally, what choice do we really have. So, let's all be extra careful and practice the tightest level of self hygiene and protection.

Here is our production lineup. This is our expected progress for this week and will improve as we go along...

Rainmakers - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Metrorunner and MR01 - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Metromonger and MM01 - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Metrodrifter and MD01 - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Genesis - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Junkmonkey- IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Bootstrap - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Anklebiters - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity Mission attache - IN PRODUCTION 100% capacity

Facemask - IN PRODUCTION 50% capacity Sabrehold - IN PRODUCTION 30% capacity

Slingshifter & Niftydrifty - no status this week. WIP Sidepouches - no status this week. WIP Scribblebooks, Pocketbooks, Scribblenots, Roninsparrow - no status this week. WIP. Contact for available stocks

Thank you all for your kind patience and support through the toughest 4 months of our company's history. Definitely crazy crazy times.

9/9/2021 - We will reopen the workshop on the 13/9/2021.

6/9/2021 - Daily infection is still the same; hovering 20k daily and about 300 deaths. Here is our production lineup. Progress is still super slow as we figure out the best way to be back at work and still maintain some health standards.

Rainmakers - IN PRODUCTION 70% capacity Metrorunner and MR01 - IN PRODUCTION 50% capacity Metromonger and MM01 - IN PRODUCTION 50% capacity Metrodrifter and MD01 - IN PRODUCTION 50% capacity Facemask - IN PRODUCTION 50% capacity Sabrehold - IN PRODUCTION 30% capacity

Genesis - no status Junkmonkey- no status Bootstrap - no status Anklebiters - no status Slingshifter & Niftydrifty - no status Scribblebooks, Pocketbooks, Scribblenots, Roninsparrow - no status, contact for available stocks Mission attache - no status. Work in progress to reactivate production.

Moving forward, we will attempt to update weekly on

19/8/2021 - Daily infection today dropped to 19k from 22k yesterday; daily death rate is averaging at 0.015%. On average, daily infection had been hovering at 20k for many days and situation is not visually improving. There's been reports of a lower than usual new emergency admission at Kuala Lumpur Hospital; perhaps a sign of hope for what's to come. Estimated population known to be fully vaccinated stands at 36%. Due to many retail businesses reopening after the announcement on August 10th, there's been an increase in vehicle traffic and retail foot fall. Hopefully, with more people out of home this will not contribute to more cases down the road. Albeit, it is hard to keep positive when numbers are not in favor.

We are still closed officially. Some of us had been working from home; processing and preparing orders for production when we return to work. We do have ONE production station in operation since we first started the business in 2011. She's been the key force in the production of some products during this lockdown; namely Sardine Tin, Metromonger and currently Metrorunner. We will be working very closely with her to ensure some orders are made and fulfilled to lessen the burden of our impending production bottleneck. Progress is slow but it is progress nonetheless.

Following is a list of products and our ability to fulfill at the moment. We hope this will assist with your purchase planning.

Junkmonkey, Bootstrap, Genesis, Rainmaker, and Mission Attache

(Standard and W?ldcard Custom).

No production activity. All orders received during lockdown period will be queued for build as soon as we reopen for business.

Metrodrifter, Metrorunner, Metromonger and PRIME Editions.

Production is ongoing slowly. Orders are built by batches by product type. New orders received will be queued for the next production cycle. Current production cycle is for Metrorunners; Metromongers and Metrodrifter01 MCB next.

Metrodrifter, Niftydrifty, Slingshifter and Sidekeep.

Ready stocks are currently available in limited colours and those with no ready stock will be queued for production when we reopen. Please contact us for availability check.

Pocketbooks, Scribblebooks, Ottobook, Sidepouch and RKK

Very limited stock available. Items with no ready stock will be queued for production when we reopen. Please contact us for availability check.

Due to the dire situation of the pandemic, we will keep to our best efforts in ensuring all orders are attended to professionally and service/product quality maintained. Should you purchase a product now, we thank you for your support greatly and your purchase will help us harbor through this difficult time in the form of paying wages, delivery services and some raw material replenishments. When we return to work, all pending orders will go into production first while new orders will be queued for later timeline.

If you need a bag soon and wishes to cancel for a refund, we will assist with the request but refund processing will take a little longer than usual as our cash flow situation is currently lower due to a drastic drop in daily sales revenue affected by the lockdown.

Thats the situation as of today, we apologise for the inconvenience. Please come back to this blog post for the next development report. Be safe and take extra precautions.

15/8/2021 - Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced his resignation today. The parliament is tasked to appoint a new Prime Minister immediately.

10/8/2021 - Today, Malaysia's daily infection rate is at 20k from 8k when lockdown was first imposed on June 1st. Prime Minister announced that up to 11 retail businesses and select manufacturing are allowed to reopen starting August 11th on conditions that workers and patrons are required to be fully vaccine inoculated and adhere to stricter SOP. Such businesses are to be 60% operating capacity for districts in Phase 1 and 80% for districts in Phase 2 & 3. Personally, at 20k daily infection with a 4 figure majority coming from Selangor (Phase 1), it is a worrying concern on how we reopen without compromising safety of our crew. We shall remain close until further notice.

1/7/2021 - ... Aug 15th...?

27/6/2021 - Lockdown extended till July 12th or when daily infection rate reduces below 4000.

18/6/2021 - Still on lockdown. Until when? Aug 1st? Who knows...

11/6/2021 - Lockdown extended till June 28th.

- Original blog post on May 30th -

We regret to inform that Malaysia will be on a full lockdown starting June 1st till 14th. To be administered in 3 phases, Phase 1 is to monitor a drop in daily new infection to a manageable count. We hope to return to work on Phase 2 which we will have to wait for further announcements from the government... maybe July... maybe?

All pending orders will be on hold until further notice.

Like last time, the workshop maybe close but Pat will still drop in to the shop to feed the fishes, process new orders, wash the toilet and perhaps make/ship new orders if we have ready stocks. We are still taking new orders during this time, orders needing production will be queued up ready for build when the workshop reopen.

Until then, thank you all for your support. To fellow Malaysians, stay home, be safe and get vaccinated. For fellow fans and friends all over the world, stay safe and be extra cautious even after vaccination.

We'll be back in a bit.

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