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Malaysia on LOCKDOWN #3

Updated: 7 days ago

11/6/2021 - Lockdown extended till June 28th.

We regret to inform that Malaysia will be on a full lockdown starting June 1st till 14th. To be administered in 3 phases, Phase 1 is to monitor a drop in daily new infection to a manageable count. We hope to return to work on Phase 2 which we will have to wait for further announcements from the government... maybe July... maybe?

All pending orders will be on hold until further notice.

Like last time, the workshop maybe close but Pat will still drop in to the shop to feed the fishes, process new orders, wash the toilet and perhaps make/ship new orders if we have ready stocks. We are still taking new orders during this time, orders needing production will be queued up ready for build when the workshop reopen.

Until then, thank you all for your support. To fellow Malaysians, stay home, be safe and get vaccinated. For fellow fans and friends all over the world, stay safe and be extra cautious even after vaccination.

We'll be back in a bit.

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