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W?ldcard Mission Attaché EPX400 Edition

In stock
Product Details

Pro line briefcase
1 front compartment with YKK brand #10 reverse coil water resistant zippers and gadget organizer. Key ring included inside.
1 main compartment with YKK brand #10 reverse coil water resistant zippers.
Main compartment consist of 2 pockets for earphone, travel documents and a removable Bookpouch by velcro attachment; Corduroy lined laptop compartment with document pocket.
Industrial grade 2" safety belt grab handles.
Hot-swapable, industrial grade safety belt harness; safe for both right or left hand users.
Winged back harness configuration for extra comfort during heavy load.
Standard issue 2" cambuckle harness system; compatible with 2" Quick Release harness system. Chest belt included.
EVA padded air mesh back support.

EPX400 laminated sail cloth for outer shell.
420 denier polyurethane coated Ripstop nylon fabric for inner shell.

Product source
Fabric imported from USA. Designed and handmade in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Width 40cm, Height 28cm, Depth 12cm. (16" x 11" x 5")
13 liter volume capacity
Compatible with most 15" laptop measuring up to 34cm x 24cm x 5cm (13" x 9" x 2")

User compatibility
Universal body size; up to 6.5 ft height

Production time
15 standard working days from design confirmation. Not include delivery time.

Standard build starts from 1kg/3lb of sheer urban carry reliability. Double layer construction for best durability. Enjoy a briefcase that is beautiful on the outside as well as inside; no more unsightly construction stitchings.

Custom options

Choosing a suitable harness system
Mission Attache features an INTERCHANGEABLE STRAP SYSTEM (ISS) compatible to cambuckle or quick release type. Also available is a classic adjustable strap with shoulder pad; a standalone system not compatible with ISS.

Cambuckle shoulder strap is a versatile strap system suitable for all methods of carry. The attached cambuckle allows full control over shoulder strap length; better bag position to body and weight leverage. A slimmer shoulder pad may not be as comfy compared with a wider width alternative, but it being free float means that the bag can be carried in virtually any manner without compromising the comfort of a plush padding on your shoulder. Carry it higher on upper torso, lower on hip, cross body, or side body; it just works.

Carry style
Best carried side body, compatible for cross body.

Quick release shoulder strap is designed to carry better on your upper torso. When your bag is carried higher on your body, you’ll feel a better sense of control over the weight of your pack and improved comfort. Features a fixed strap with a wider width for better pressure distribution on shoulder. A large 2” side release buckle allows quick strap detach and easy strap length management.

Carry style
Best carried cross body. For side carry, shorten strap and carry how one would with a backpack on a single strap.

Classic Adjustable Strap with shoulder pad
This is a traditional adjustable strap with shoulder pad, best for side carry. Made with the same industrial grade 2" width safety belt and snap hooks; comfort is further enhanced with a removable plush 2.5" wide shoulder pad with 6mm closed cell EVA foam. WARNING - Selecting this option will remove ISS unless specified.

User compatibility
Average body size; up to 5.8 ft height.

Capacity upgrade
Increase the capacity of your briefcase. Changes are made to depth only; all else including Bookpouch size remains the same. Refer to dimension listed above.

13 liter volume capacity (Standard size)
Width 40cm, Height 28cm, Depth 12cm. (16" x 11" x 5")

16 liter volume capacity
Width 40cm, Height 28cm, Depth 15cm. (16" x 11" x 6")

20 liter volume capacity
Width 40cm, Height 28cm, Depth 18cm. (16" x 11" x 7")

Personalised Stainless Steel tag
Personalise your bag with a special message, personal details or words of inspiration. Embossed in a military style steel tag with up to 14 characters x 5 lines and rivet to any part of your bag.
Attached to the D-ring inside your bag.

Bottom compression belts
Add on additional compression belts to the bottom of your bag to help carry additional cargo such as tripods, blankets, poster tubes and etc.

Morale Velcro panel
A stripe of 2" or 4"width velcro panel for Morale patches.

Multiple pouch attachment webbing
Two or three stripes of 1" webbing for additional pouch (tactical) attachment. Situated on bottom half of front panel.

Trolley friendly
Dual purpose your back support panel into a trolley strap. Take a load off by strapping your bag to your luggage.

Slim zip pocket
Add another zip pocket on the front of your bag. With 5" height that goes across the front for slim cargo such as cards, passports and etc. Choice of Cordura colors are available. Compatible and will be built below morale velcro panel.

Add a built in sidepocket to your pack to carry a water bottle, coffee tumbler or a trusty umbrella. Capacity of pocket depends on bag size. Not compatible with side multi-webbing attachment system.

13L - approximately 24cm circumference, 7cm diameter
16L - approximately 30cm circumference, 9cm diameter
20L - approximately 33cm circumference, 10cm diameter

Floor padding
A layer of 6mm foam padding sewn to the bottom of your bag. If you need to carry items with sharp corners that might damage the bottom layer or keep sensitive stuff from bumping with the concrete, this will help pad up the floor of your bag. Padding is sewn on the inside.

+KitPouch for camera equipment
Camera storage solution to store and transport all your photography gear with your bag.
+KitPouch (X-Small) Up to 15cm x 19cm x 9cm with 1 cell. 3 Outer pockets and keyloop link
+KitPouch (Small) Up to 20 cm x 19cm x 9cm with 1 cell. 3 Outer pockets and keyloop link
+KitPouch (Medium) Up to 30cm x 19cm x 9cm with 2 cells and 1 divider. 6 Outer pockets

Jalur Gemilang
Have the Malaysian flag sewn onto your bag or get one with velcro backing for use with morale velcro panel. Available in color or camouflage.

Cordura Keyloop
Greenroom136's infamous Keychain made with a Cordura wrist belt, nickel hooks and rings.

Cordura Keylink
Greenroom136's infamous Keychain extension made with a Cordura belt and nickel hooks. Tether up your keys to your bag and reach out to the door without removing them.

Random Knick Knack
Greenroom136's glorified accessories pouch. Made with re-purposed scrap fabric from our workshop, it's our little way of keeping waste from piling up at the scrap yard. Comes in various types;
Classic - RM40
Wedge - RM50
Block - RM60

Small gadget or tumbler pouches that attaches to side grab handles or harness. Also works with Quick Release harness. Attachments comes in grab handle friendly (normal) or multiple pouch attachment webbing friendly (tactical).
Sidepouch I gadget pouch - RM130 (M) RM140 (L)
Sidepouch II tumbler pouch - RM150
Sidepouch III attache - RM180
Sidepouch IV gadget pouch - RM140

Paracord Zip Ties
Made with 550 Paracords, this set of zip ties will make it real easy to find and work the zips to your bag. A set consists of 1x Monkey Fist and 4x Diamond knots. Available in 5 varied colors.

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