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W?ldcard Bootstrap (S) Cordura Edition

In stock
Product Details

Production time for all W?ldcard custom is expected to be less than 4 weeks but may stretch up to 8 weeks depending on manpower, raw material availability and production queue situation. Delivery time after completion to your doorstep is about 2 days for Malaysia and Singapore, and about 1 to 2 weeks for all international destinations. Due to the time consuming nature of custom bag making, please refrain from ordering this product if you have a tight deadline. If you wish to know more about current workshop situation, please send us a message or email.

Pro messenger bag
Features 3 deep front pockets for heaphone, keys, and etc.
2 front pockets with cover for iPhones, gadgets, iPods and etc.
Industrial grade 2" safety belt harness with cambuckle for easy length adjust.
3 layer enforced nylon bottom.
Plush shoulder pads for added comfort.
Quick grab handle.
Built-in BookPouch with new Corduroy lining.
Built-in Utility Pouch with zip compartment.
New improved extended inner shell to keep out nasty weather and keep your goods in at all times.
Easy access Keyloop.
Chest belt for anchoring to body during hyperspace jumps.

100% genuine, 1000 denier polyurethane coated Cordura nylon fabric for outer shell.
100% genuine, 420 denier polyurethane coated Ripstop nylon fabric for inner shell.
YKK brand side release buckles and zips.

Product source
Fabric imported from USA. Designed and handmade in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Refer to other custom kit for Medium and Large

Width 32cm, Height 22cm, Depth 13cm
9 cubic litre capacity
BookPouch Width 32cm, Height 22cm, Depth 3cm.
Fits most 11" laptops and Macbook/Macbook Air 13"
Compatible with +KitPouch Extra small, small or medium.

Available in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 outer shell panel.
Panel count is the number of color panels you want on the front of your bag. After deciding, refer to the template corresponding to your panel count. Assign colors to your bag following the numbers.
Inner shell colour is non customisable.

Optional add-on
Refer to photos above for visual aid

Hardware upgrade
Switch your boring YKK buckles to fancier Fidlock magnetic Slider and Snaps. Bring the BLING factor of your bag to a whole new level. Made from Germany, these marvelous buckles utilizes magnets to guide and secure the buckle of your bag. It's mighty easy to use, strong and sturdy to the trained mind but super complicated and evil looking to the feeble minded that is trying to get into your stuff. Bootstrap upgrade includes 2x Fidlock Sliders for front cover and 1x Fidlock Snap for chest belt.

+BookPouch type
Standard laptop pouch are sewn onto the back of your bag. For free float, your +BookPouch will come with a cover and as a stand-alone pouch. Add a little more to have your +BookPouch attach to your bag by velcro.

+KitPouch Pro for camera equipment
Camera storage solution to store and transport all your photography gear with your bag.
+KitPouch (X-Small) Up to 15cm x 19cm x 9cm with 1 cell. 3 Outer pockets and keyloop link
+KitPouch (Small) Up to 20 cm x 19cm x 9cm with 1 cell. 3 Outer pockets and keyloop link
+KitPouch (Medium) Up to 30cm x 19cm x 9cm with 2 cells and 1 divider. 6 Outer pockets

Top hatch
Reach into your bag without opening your bag cover. Features a storm flap to help ward off wet weather and accessible via YKK zip.

Bottom compression belts
Compression belts to cinch your bag slimmer during low load days. Also great to carry jackets, tripods, poster tubes and etc.

Velcro Neutraliser
Attach these velcro neuts to the velcro patch on your bag cover to keep your bag from making that ever so wondrous zapperty zap noises. Or attach to just half to keep some level of holding control over your bag's cover.

Handy keepers to manage dangly, excess straps. Comes in a set of 6 keepers. Add these to the loop tabs at the end of your strap, roll up excess and velcro up your keeper.

It's like your shoulder pad but for grabbing.

Back support with air mesh
Extra support at the back of your bag. Made with air mesh and EVA foam padding. Keeps your stuff from inside your bag from poking your back and from your back poking the stuff inside your bag. If that all make sense.

Trolley friendly
Dual purpose your back support panel into a trolley strap. Take a load off by strapping your bag to your luggage.

Jalur Gemilang
Have the Malaysian flag sewn onto your bag or get one with velcro backing for use with morale velcro panel. Available in color or camouflage.

Cordura Keyloop
Greenroom136's infamous Keychain made with a Cordura wrist belt, nickel hooks and rings.

Cordura Keylink
Greenroom136's infamous Keychain extension made with a Cordura belt and nickel hooks. Tether up your keys to your bag and reach out to the door without removing them.

Random Knick Knack
Greenroom136's glorified accessories pouch. Made with re-purposed scrap fabric from our workshop, it's our little way of keeping waste from piling up at the scrap yard. Comes in various types; Classic,
Wedge or Block.

Small gadget or tumbler pouches that attaches to side grab handles or harness. Also works with Quick Release harness. Attachments comes in grab handle friendly (normal) or multiple pouch attachment webbing friendly (tactical).

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