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Prices are published in Malaysia Ringgit.

MYR$ 100 = USD$ 23 | EU€ 21 | GBP£ 18 | JP¥ 3098 | HK$ 177

(Last checked December 2022. Source Rates will vary according to Market and Paypal exchange rate)

Random Knick Knack

It’s that pouch to carry all your loose necessities. We took it in, messed it up and gave it the Greenroom136 work around. And voila… our glorified junk pouch. Enter, the Random Knick Knack.

Everything about the Random Knick Knack is random.

The 1000 denier 100% Cordura nylon fabric outer shell… random

The 420 denier oxford nylon fabric inner shell… random

The racing stripe that goes around the pouch… random

The choice of colours used – random

The junk you chuck into this thingamajig… random

Your choice when buying this pouch… totally random; because each RKK is packed, sealed and delivered to you, completely random.

Here’s the raw deal, the RKK is made from random waste fabric that would have been otherwise left to fester at a landfill somewhere near home. By repurposing our Cordura and Oxford nylons, we are doing our very small part to keep the planet healthy. So, each RKK is unique and color way is one of a kind. Random Knick Knack - or RKK as we've so fondly come to know them - is one of our oldest and in fact the very first pouch ever created; simply because it's the most neglected and yet the most essential pouch in our everyday carry. Let's face it! If without, all your random junk would be stuffed in various obscure pockets all over your bag causing absolute chaos. Can't find your dongle? Can't find your cables? Can't find your flash sticks? You get the message...

The RKK is available in all sorts of different colours and no two RKK is the same. Choose between Classic, Wedge or Block.

*Photo on right -The very first batch of RKK Classics ever created from the Greenroom at back of 136. This photo was taken circa 2010.

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